Metal Roofing Repair

Metal Roofing Repair / Replacement Services - Roof Rehab, LLCMetal roofing is often thought of as the last roof you will ever need. This can be true, but only if maintained.

Metal roofing often leaks due to foot traffic and rust. Foot traffic on a metal roof by an inexperienced tradesman can bend or damage the seams at the overlap. Often times, when the HVAC systems are serviced, the metal roof will be damaged by other tradesman.

Roof Rehab can repair these areas without the need for replacement. Roof Rehab also utilizes Polyurea by Bayer Material Science over metal roofing systems giving you decades of service. Let us provide our metal roofing services if you are located in Colorado!

Metal Roofing Systems at Roof Rehab:

Bayseal Spray Foam Roofing Systems

A Superior Sustainable Roof

Bayseal Roof Insulation SystemBayseal Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Insulation Roofing, when used with BayBlock elastomeric coatings, creates a complete roofing system that insulates, protects, stops leaks, adds structural support to the building, and cuts the amount of radiated heat into the building, thereby cutting energy costs.

Bayseal SPF is a rigid, closed-cell plastic created by a combination of two liquid components, which react in seconds and can be walked on in a matter of minutes. The resulting roof system provides superior insulation and creates a lightweight, seamless, waterproof blanket over the substrate.

Bayseal spray foam adheres to almost every surface (BUR, metal, cap sheet, EPDM, and others), so there’s no need to tear off your roof when its reached the end of its life-cycle. Merely spray on Bayseal insulating spray foam, coat it with Bayblock coating, and you have a new roof!

Bayblock coatings come in a variety of types, including acrylic and silicone, and a variety of colors as well. Bayblock coatings create the perfect finish for your roof.
In addition, we offer a variety of warranties to ensure your continued satisfaction with your roof. So call your Bayer MaterialScience sales rep today (or contact us at the phone number or email below) and find out more about the advantages of a Bayseal roof.

Bayseal Sustainable Roofing Benefits:

  • Stops Leaks
  • Adds Superior Insulation Value
  • Offers Exceptional Wind Resistance
  • Reduces Building Movement
  • Adheres to a Variety of Surfaces
  • Light Weight
  • Free of Asbestos
  • UL and FM Listed
  • International Code Council (ICC) Compliant