Flat Roofing Systems

Flat Roofing Replacement and Repair Services

Flat roofing systems are the most complex waterproofing areas of the building envelope. Sloped roofing and flat roofing should be considered two different trades. Not all roofing companies have the experience, training, credentials or the equipment to pull off quality flat roof repairs and complete installations.

Although many roofing companies don’t possess these skills, they will often NOT be willing to turn down a repair or replacement and will underestimate what it takes to build a flat roofing project, leaving the building owner with a huge problem shortly down the road. In fact, flat roofing lawsuits are a major part of construction litigation, which can be avoided by choosing a qualified roofing company.

Experts at Flat Roofing Systems

Roof Rehab are experts at flat roofing design, repair, and installation. Roof Rehab has invested in the expensive equipment that it takes to accomplish a superb install. If you’re located in the United States, let us help you repair, replace, or install a new flat roof.